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jobby: 2D Animator, Huminah Huminah Animation Ltd, Dartmouth NS

huminah-huminah-logo2D animator

Employer Details: Huminah Huminah Animation Ltd 

Huminah Huminah Animation is an artist-owned and operated full production studio. We have facilities in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Since 2004 we’ve been producing animated television shows and interactive content in 2D (Toonboom, Flash) and 3D. We’re specialized in broadcast animation production.

With just over 9 years of solid history and experience in the animation industry, Huminah has the track record to produce quality broadcast television series. All of our artists are traditionally trained bringing a strong quality to our deliverables. Utilizing some of the highest tax credits (up to 62{f2e86ea6af82e2bb048871abf045622abf0ed27fb513932dc1ee8c05a54cbefd}) and lowest production overheads, Huminah has been able to grow over the past 9 years and open a second location in Hamilton, Ontario as well as additional interactive division


Job Details

  • Location: Dartmouth, NS
  • Salary$750.00 to $900.00 weekly for 40 hours per week
  • 8 Vacancies
  • Terms of employment: Temporary (employment end date: 2018-09-01)   Full-Time
  • Start date2016-10-05
  • Employment conditions: Employment Conditions: Day

Job requirements




No degree, certificate or diploma


Experience an asset

Work Samples


How to Apply

By e-mail:


Job Location:

40 Pleasant Street, Dartmouth NS


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