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DHX Media – Vancouver is looking for an experienced Animator (Lead Animator)

You will get to:

  • Oversee and assist in training on an ongoing basis both technically and creatively
  • Communicate and set expectations to ensure on-time delivery
  • Ensure and maintain the quality, style, and continuity of animation across the show
  • Review the work of each Animator on a regular basis
  • Conduct quality control of all assets, model and rig testing to ensure rigs are production ready
  • Create show-specific cycles/poses
  • Conduct range of motion tests for all new character builds
  • Complete assigned animation within scheduled timeframe
  • Liaise with Design, Modelling, Layout, Lighting and FX to ensure delivery of dependent assets
  • Identify gaps that may exist on assigned episodes and implement solutions
  • Identify potential risks or issues and work on a mitigation strategy
  • Anticipate, communicate, and troubleshoot any creative or technical issues with assistance from key stakeholders
  • Ensure shot continuity
  • Assist in the development of any specialized assets as needed
  • Ability to interpret and address complex camera, staging, animation and story notes from clients and directors
  • Work collaboratively as part of the Senior Production Team
  • Determine and understand the needs, interests, strengths and weaknesses of the Animation Team and provide constructive criticism and guidance that will help further their career development
  • Assisting the with the development of job descriptions, sourcing of candidates as well as the candidate selection process
  • Guide artists’ overall professional development by providing performance feedback, mentoring, assisting with resolving performance issues and maintaining positive morale among the team
  • Foster and enable communication and collaboration


  • 1+ years animation in preschool episodic television
  • 2+ years of experience as a Lead Animator in the animation industry overseeing a team of 9 animators or more
  • 4+ years in 3D animation packages, specifically Maya
  • 1+ years experience with Shotgun in an episodic television environment
  • 1+ years experience with RV software
  • Minimum Bachelors Degree of Arts
  • Experience in having face to face meetings with clients
  • Strong understanding of key-framed animation development processes, limitations and dependencies
  • A strong understanding of basic human kinetics and basic real world physics
  • Understanding of rigging, modelling and animation principles
  • Strong understanding of cinematic storytelling principles and techniques
  • Strong leadership, management, and organizational skills
  • Excellent team player with strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to effectively give direction and communicate storytelling
  • Ability to clearly communicate creative and technical thoughts and ideas
  • Ability to set priorities for yourself and others, as well as manage the progress of work
  • Proactive work ethic, capable problem solver with the ability to implement solutions
  • Ability to work both independently and collaboratively, often with multiple tasks and under tight deadlines
  • Ability to communicate in a professional and positive manner
  • Ability to adapt to multiple animation styles

To apply:

Salary: $1,200.00 CAD – $1,300.00 CAD per week & benefits

Term of Employment: Full Time, Project Based

Number of Vacancies: 1

Questions? Contact

Location: 380 W 5th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C.


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