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about Cartoon North

Cartoon North was founded in 2008 as Canadian Animation Resources. The goal then, as it is now, is to bring together the Canadian Animation community in a positive and meaningful way, and to provide access to jobs, news and other resources. While existing mainly as a job board for a few years, Cartoon North is renewing its commitment to the animation community and setting out to connect our various production sectors and the fine humans who do the amazing work of making animation in Canada.

Cartoon North is maintained by Mike Valiquette.

Mike is a director, producer, designer and development exec who has worked all over Canada, for studios in Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, and the on the east coast. He’s won a few awards, worked with some pretty awesome people, and also teaches at Algonquin College in Ottawa and at Seneca in Toronto. Mike runs his own little boutique studio, Go Lucky, and does his best to be an optimist in a world that makes that a lonely way to be.

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