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jobby: Shading/Look Dev TD, BRON Strudios, Vancouver

The Shading/Look Dev TD serves the critical role of ensuring that the final rendered look of the environments, props & characters achieve the artistic vision set forth for the production. The ideal candidate should possess a strong artistic eye with a solid technical understanding of how to achieve a variety of visual aesthetic targets.
We are seeking a passionate artist who thrives in a team environment. The ideal individual will be flexible, proactive, and able to deliver quality within production deadlines. They should be able to effectively and proactively communicate issues with colleagues, take direction well and be calm under pressure. The successful candidate should possess strong problem solving skills and the ability to collaboratively develop solutions.
• Work closely with the VFX Supervisor and Lighting Lead to guide the development and final surfaced look of production assets.
• Work with VFX Supervisor, Lighting Lead, and Pipeline team to maintain and augment the studio shader library, surfacing work flow and pipeline.
• Work closely with lighting to help define lighting, rendering and compositing processes to maintain the integrity of the desired visual targets.
• Recommend and implement surfacing and rendering solutions.
• CS or Fine Art Degree and/or relevant industry experience
• Extensive experience shading, lighting, rendering and compositing within a Renderman/Nuke based pipeline
• Scripting/Programming skills including Python, PyMel, QT, PyQt, Perl, C++
• Renderman/RSL shader development experience
Additional Desired Skills:
• Experience with multiple rendering platforms, Renderman, Vray, Arnold, etc.
• Laughable dance moves



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