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jobby: 2D Animator, Caribara Montreal, Montreal

Job Title: 2D cut-out Animator / 2D cut-out hybrid traditional animator 

Caribara Montreal is looking for 2D cut-out animator and 2D cut-out/ traditional animator to take part in Wakfu S4.   
After many productions for Ubisoft, Sony Pictures, Radio Canada, Disney and many more, Caribara Montreal continues its expansion with the season 4th of Wakfu, produced by Ankama. The last session of the saga which has started in 2008!

Company Name: Caribara Montreal

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Salary Range: Competitive Salary

Position Status: Contract, Employee, Full-time

Union Status: Non-Union


·         Healthcare and dental

·         5 sickness days per year

·         Various activities, team-building events and parties

·         Focus on work/life balance

·         All the flexibility of a hybrid work mode 

Job Description:

·         Create quality animation using digital tools on Adobe Animate

·         Effectively tell the story in a meaningful way through vivid and compelling character acting and movement.

·         Produce quality work respecting the established schedule and meet the quality standards of the show.

·         Complete revisions as requested

·         Bring new ideas and creative solutions for the visual aspect as well as for the techniques.

·         Work within series production schedule and meet required deadlines.


·         Must have a good knowledge cut out animation and/or traditional drawing, as well as excellent sense of posing and timing.

·         Knowledge of Adobe Animate

·         Attention to detail

·         Be able to work and communicate with other artists to identify and solve problems that may occur during the production

·         Adapts well to the tools that are put at your disposal in our workflow

·         Have a positive attitude and dedication to the success of the project.

·         Positive attitude and organized approach to work with high quality standards.

Company Website, About

We are an animation studio based in Montreal, QC – Canada and part of the Caribara group dedicated to 2D & 3D animated cartoons, founded in 1998 by 3 friends. 
The Caribara group also includes a communication agency and a production company and has a total of 5 animation studios in Montreal, Paris, Annecy, Angoulême and Liège.

Show reel Caribara MTL

To Apply: To apply, please fill out the form:

Add reference : MTL_WKF4_ANIM

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