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jobby: 2D Storyboard/Animatic Supervisor, Picture This Studio, Bangkok, Thailand

PictureThisStudio_logo_text_positivePicture This Studio is looking for an experienced 2D Storyboard/Animatic Supervisor

Our bustling and productive Animation studio in the heart of Bangkok is looking for new colleagues to join – and help establish – our brand new 2D Animation Department.

Check us out –

Contact – Marty Knox (Head of Production)


The Position:

We require an experienced 2D Storyboard/Animatic Supervisor, with deep understanding of Flash and/or Toonboom, and strong storytelling skills to work with our in-house Thai and foreign artists. The project is a Flash-based, web-broadcast Short Format series (40+ 3 minute films) for a big name client. Scripts and Audio will be delivered, and you must turn them into clear, readable and enjoyable animatics.


The position is open March – April 1st, 2015.

The contract is for 1 year, with possible extension.


Main Responsibilities Include:

  • Keeping an overall vision of the series stories, products, assets, humor, and style, and bringing it back in line if it strays off the mark
  • Ability to keep calm under pressure, and have the patience to communicate clearly to colleagues with English as a 2nd language
  • Experience working in Asia, or with Asian animation studios
  • Supervising storyboard artists to create proper, film-standard visual storyboards.
  • Work with an editor to cut the boards into a timed, visual/audio animatic (inclusive of Dialogue, Sound Effects and some Music)
  • Ability to collaborate with Animation Directors and Art Directors in story improvements
  • Ability to talk with clients, understand what they want, sell your ideas to them, and take their criticism professionally.
  • A keen eye for continuity
  • Mentor our local artists to improve quality and quantity
  • Have opinions and recommendations for helping to improve the stories (action/dialogue), while keeping within the client’s boundaries
  • Strong understanding of 2D animation, and the limitations of the production software
  • Help to bring an atmosphere of collaboration and teamwork to the crew, our partners and our clients
  • Technical Requirements: Fluent English. Can read. Can write. Can type. Can talk to other people. Have used a computer.
  • BONUS! Can edit with Premiere. Can animate/design/composite or any other area of artistic production


We Offer:

  • 1 return flight in to Bangkok, returning to destination of choice
  • 2 weeks paid accommodation upon arrival (flexible if required)
  • Worker Entry Visa
  • Work Permit, renewable every 12 months
  • 6 paid vacation days, 5 paid personal days & 16 paid public holidays per year
  • Considerably low tax rates
  • Low cost of living/High standard of living (an excellent combination)
  • Mental Health rewards, in the form of: great weather, tropical islands, jungles, et cetera
  • Salaries are negotiable in person


Looking forward to hearing from you!

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