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jobby: Compositor, Tinman Creative, Toronto

tinman_logoTinman is looking for an organized and hard-working compositor to work on a wide range of animation projects. We have a small team, and produce commercials, pre-school series and short content as well as adult/comedy shorts and series content.

Compositing duties range from assembling and rendering simple comps (pairing character animation from Flash to background files from Photoshop) for videos such as this: (approximately 3 – 4 hours to comp) to more complicated comps where some layering, animation and camera work is required, such as this: (approximately 2 days to comp) to keying out green screen footage (stop-motion or live) and doing rotoscope work such as this: (approximately 1 week to comp)

Applicants must possess the following skills:
– An excellent understanding of Adobe After Effects.
– A good understanding of Adobe Flash, with a particular familiarity with export and publish settings and processes.

– A good understanding of Adobe Photoshop.
– Must have worked with Apple products before.

Additional skills:
Being able to fill additional job roles is key at our studio. As an example, all of our animators are also able to design and storyboard.
Here are some additional skills that would help you fit in to this multi-purpose role. Note that not all of these skills are necessary, but we would like to have at least one other area you could help out with when there’s some downtime from the comp work:
– Editing (Adobe Premiere, this would be a natural fit with the compositing)

– 2D Animation (Adobe Flash, frame-by-frame or otherwise)
– Storyboarding (Adobe Flash, we tend to work straight to animatic)
– Design (characters, backgrounds, etc.)
– Live-action camera work (We do a small amount of puppet and  stop-motion animation)
– Screen-printing (A weird one, we know, but it’s something we’re doing)

Generally speaking, we’re just looking for someone who wants to work quickly and efficiently on a bunch of different projects. We have a very effective, low-tech post pipeline that has allowed us to operate without a full-time compositor up until this point. That pipeline is something we will want to maintain so we can maximize everyone’s time and energy.

Please send your demo reel and CV to:

We look forward to meeting you!

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