jobby: FX Lead TD, Nitrogen Studios, Vancouver

By Mike Valiquette

Nitrogen Studios Logo, CG Movies, Animation JobsPosition Overview:

The FX Lead Technical Director is a highly skilled technical team leader responsible for the day-to-day management of the FX TD’s working on complex FX systems, technical workflows, and FX Pipeline Tools. The ideal candidate is strong technically and has some previous lead/supervisory experience.

Duties & Responsibilities: 

  • Work closely with Head of Department / Supervisor and other leads to identify in-efficiencies on workflows, toolsets and procedures
  • Work with FX Lead to oversee technical needs, build and implement toolsets and aid Artists and TDs with technical support.
  • Identify procedures which could be automated and work with TDs to implement solutions.
  • Participate in the overall strategy of the FX Pipeline and complex Effects which require R&D and shot production.
  • Maintain the current tool set and extend/enhance as needed
  • Report to Head of Department on a daily basis on the progress of technical solutions being implemented as well as well as possible bottlenecks
  • Work closely with other TDs, Lighters, Compositors, and Render Wranglers to ensure smooth delivery of effects through our pipeline.

Required Skills & Experience: 

  • 3+ years film production experience with Houdini (Maya experience an asset)
  • Working knowledge and understanding of FX lighting and compositing
  • Must have strong communication skills and the ability to work within a team in our fast paced production environment.
  • Must be self motivated and have a strong desire to produce the highest possible quality effects and tools within our production schedule.
  • Good understanding of programming / scripting in HScript/Mel, Python

Additional Bonus Skills:

  • FX Pipeline Development or advanced understanding of processes between software and formats
  • Strong knowledge of RenderMan, Mantra
  • Shader Development
  • C++
  • SQL / Database / Shotgun



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