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jobby: CG Supervisor, Nerd Corps Entertainment, Vancouver

nerdcorps, animation site, animation blog, canadian animationNerd Corps Entertainment, established in 2002, is a DHX Media company, boasting a diverse portfolio of award-winning original properties such as Slugterra, League of Super Evil, Storm Hawks and Rated A for Awesome. With six shows in production, there is always a genre or character to keep you interested and challenged. But we’re more than just an animation studio. Our 400 creatives build stories, worlds, and experiences for kids that cut across platforms from television to online, games, toys, mobile—wherever kids are spending time. We handle all stages of our process in-house, from the IP creation and development to post-production, finance, sales and distribution, licensing and consumer products, and interactive development, making us a rarity in the industry. Our studio near Vancouver’s trendy Commercial Drive is a vibrant mixture of rookies and veterans, where those fresh out of college can continue learning from mid-career and senior artists, and where every level of experience can make the most of their talent on some of the best kids shows and games in the world.

Leo, Gemini, Emmy…been there, won that.

Come work for an award-winning studio and make cartoons, not war.

Department: Production

Location: Vancouver

About the Position

In this brand new role you will supervise, manage, create and administer a digital production pipeline for the amazing slate of shows at our studio. As the CG supervisor, you will ensure that each show has a consistent quality and style as well as ensure the project is of the highest quality possible within the parameters of production schedule and budget.


  • Establish the technical direction and technical foundation to meet artistic, budget and schedule parameters
  • Collaborate with series directors, pipeline supervisor, modeling supervisor, VFX supervisor, team leads and other key members of the leadership team to develop a strong and flexible CG pipeline
  • Keep a critical eye for creativity, continuity issues between shots, quality control, and technical errors and artifacts
  • Be an extremely proactive problem-solver and work with pipeline and production to seek the best possible solution ahead of time
  • Facilitate and maintain open communication with production managers and series directors
  • Provide troubleshooting for technical issues
  • Facilitate and develop consensus between technology, artists and production management
  • Actively contribute to the development of the overall pipeline process
  • Actively contribute to the workflow decision making process
  • Identify, research, recommend and implement new techniques into studio tools, adding value to work produced
  • Oversee render and storage requirements for assigned projects
  • Respect and adapt to the Nerd Corps system of data storage and retrieval through the use of the in-house software
  • Find a balance between creative needs and technical resources available
  • Ensure that all production deadlines are met while producing work at a quality level in keeping with production requirements
  • Actively participate in production-related meetings by offering thoughts and ideas
  • Ensure the team is productive by answering questions that arise
  • Be aware of what is happening on the team at all times and identify obstacles to the studio CG supervisor and pipeline supervisor
  • Anticipate, communicate, and troubleshoot any creative or technical issues with assistance from key stakeholders
  • Keep current with technology trends and tools that best suit the production and Nerd Corps
  • Recommend any crew training needs to studio CG supervisor
  • Carry out duties in a professional and positive manner
  • Be a positive and creative force on the team





  • Be part of the recruiting process by assisting the HR department with the development of job descriptions, sourcing of candidates as well as the candidate selection process

    Crew Management

  • Train the team on an ongoing basis both technically and creatively
  • Communicate expectations to team while balancing creative desires with the requirements of production
  • Oversee the daily activities of the team
  • Partner with management to guide artists’ overall professional development by providing performance feedback, mentoring, assisting with resolving performance issues and maintaining positive morale among the team
  • Foster and enable communication and collaboration across departments
  • Set goals for others that can be achieved using available resources and use previous measurable performance to establish goals within projected timeframe
  • Determine and understand the needs, interests, strengths and weaknesses of the team and use this information to contribute to the growth and development of the team
  • Provide constructive criticism, wisdom, guidance, and feedback that will help others further their career development


  • 5+ years of experience in animation or film industry
  • Excellent understanding of CG production pipeline
  • Excellent communication skills, organization and team awareness
  • Strong combined creative and technical background
  • Proficiency in Maya is a must
  • Experienced in Renderman and/or Mentalray (user level)
  • Great understanding of animation styles and techniques as well as a solid comprehension of animation production for television or film
  • Able to take direction, collaborate, and be a team player
  • Able to communicate in a professional and positive manner
  • Able to communicate creative and technical thoughts and ideas
  • Able to multitask, prioritize and manage time efficiently
  • Able to work alone and collaboratively, often with multiple tasks and under deadline pressure
  • Encourage feedback and new initiatives
  • Able to adapt to multiple show styles

Must be open to direction and able to embrace change
Please APPLY at:

THANK YOU to all those who express interest in being a part of the Nerd Corps team. Unfortunately, due to the volume of applications we receive, we may be unable to reply to all applicants. If we feel that you may be a good match for one of our current openings you will be contacted.


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