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jobby: Maya Lighting and Shading Lead Artist, Gallus Entertainment, Sudbury ON

gallus, animation jobs, animation siteGallus Entertainment is, a Canadian CG animation studio located in Ontario Canada.

Gallus Sudbury studio is looking for a Maya Lighting & Shading Lead Artist to work on our latest animated series.


Maya Lighting & Shading Lead Artist

The Maya Lighting & Shading Lead will work closely with the Art Director to develop and establish the final look of animated series projects.   As Lighting Lead you will work closely with the compositing team to troubleshoot problems and ensure proper rendered assets and passes are delivered. As Shading Artist you will take supplied 2D and 3D development material and build/shade in MAYA to Directors specifications.

Responsibilities include:

  1. Look development of projects based on approved art direction style.
  2. Develop shaders and lighting rigs for various settings.
  3. Be the lead in outputting rendered layers and passes for compositing.
  4. Debug and troubleshoot lighting and shader technical issues.
  5. Perform additional duties as required


  1. Expert working knowledge of MAYA.
  2. Production experience with V-Ray.
  3. Firm understanding of render and render layers
  4. Firm understanding of lighting and light rigging.
  5. Mel or python scripting and programming desirable.
  6. Ability to lead and mentor a team of artists.
  7. Firm understanding of the 3D animation pipeline.
  8. Experience with NUKE and After Effects compositing pipeline.
  9. Self Motivated, collaborative, problem solver and team player attitude.


Candidates must be citizen (or PR) of Canada.


Please send your resume and demo reel link to


Thank you for your interest in Gallus Entertainment and we look forward to viewing your portfolio.


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