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jobby: NUKE COMPOSITING ARTISTS, Guru Studio, Toronto

guru-job board-animationGuru Studio’s dedicated team is passionate about bringing inspired character driven stories to screens around the world.

Our award winning and internationally renowned Toronto animated entertainment company is looking for Compositing Artists who are responsible for generating clean and efficient comp structures. This role reports directly to the Line Producer.

  • Generate clean, efficient and logical comp structures that are easy to understand and adjust
  • Generate macros / gizmos to automate repetitive tasks, and improve creative workflow
  • Ability to interpret the art director’s creative choices and understand the nuances of the shows intended look
  • Strong understanding of working within a linear, 32bit float, color managed workflow
  • Ability to “push” and weigh a composition with color/vignette tricks to better focus attention on the subject/action of a shot


  • Strong artistic skills is an asset
  • Understanding of camera lenses/focusing to create depth and scale
  • Production experience using node based compositing systems such as Fusion or Nuke
  • Ability to think outside of the box to create creative solutions to technical problems
  • Strong and confident communication skills. Engages other teammates positively, and is not afraid to provide useful information to fellow coworkers
  • Experience working on television series is an asset

Please email resumes and links to blogs, portfolios or reels (Vimeo preferred) to: with NUKE COMPOSITING ARTIST in the subject line.
Ontario and/or Canadian Citizenship Required. Guru is an equal opportunity employer.

Thank you for your interest in Guru Animation Studio. Hope to hear from you soon!


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