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gallus, logo, animation jobs, Gallus Entertainment is a Canadian CG animation studio located in Ontario Canada.

Gallus Sudbury studio is looking for 2D Animation Supervisors to work on our latest animated series. Lazoo(26episodes*11mins) for CBC.



Start dates range from Nov 23rd to early January.

The Animation Supervisor will work closely with the Series Director to convey broad series goals through to specific Director and Client notes to animators in their team. Additionally the Animation Supervisor will work with animators to help them prepare their work for Series Director review through notes and advice.



  1. Work closely with production to maintain team schedule.
  2. Ensure agreed animation quality is achieved.



  1. Excellent communication skills.
  2. Organized working style.
  3. Expert working knowledge of FLASH.
  4. Firm understanding of the 2D animation pipeline.
  5. Self Motivated, collaborative, problem solver and team player attitude.


Candidates must be citizen (or PR) of Canada.

Please send your resume and demo reel link to

Thank you for your interest in Gallus Entertainment and we look forward to viewing your portfolio.


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