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waterproof LOGO, animation jobs, animation newsWaterproof Studios is seeking experienced Previz Artists for a photoreal full CG feature film production.

Selected artists will show a high skill level in the communication of animation and cinematography to create strong action oriented previz sequences.

The ideal candidate:

– 2+ years experience as a Previs Artist in a film production environment
– Has a strong sense of composition, color, animation timing, and storytelling
– Can animate a full spectrum of subject matter from large vehicles and planes to small objects, to human and creature character performances and large scale scene destruction.
– Has a full understanding of lighting and how it affects compositions and blocking.
– Has a strong grasp of cinematic language and camera terminology
– Has the ability to use and accentuate mocap animation data
– Can work well with previz modeling team and provide clear direction for asset requirements but can also create previz sequence assets as required.
– Must be patient and flexible to changes in client direction.
– The candidate must be proficient in Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Motion Builder (secondary) and Adobe After Effects (secondary).

– Must be a Canadian resident, preferably located in B.C. and legally
entitled to work in Canada.

– Please send a detailed CV and Demo Reel to

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