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jobby: PREVIS ARTIST, the Third Floor Inc, VANCOUVER

third floor, animation jobs, logoThe Third Floor, Inc. is looking to hire local Previs Artists in Vancouver to work on an exciting feature film!
Must be a resident of British Columbia.

By using the language of cinematography and animation in tandem to design the strongest possible sequences, a previs artist holds an impactful and highly collaborative role in the filmmaking process. The artistic sketch of the film to come, quickly produced through previs, supports effective creation, communication and realization of the project from development through to production and post.

A previs shot creator pieces together elements, sets them in motion, and “films” them with virtual cameras to create cinematic sequences that represent the creative blueprint. Working with the previs supervisor, previs shot creators produce previs shots and sequences that help to support the director’s vision via appropriate use of camera movement, lenses, composition, staging, lighting, and editing.
The ideal candidate:

Possesses a strong sense of composition, color, animation timing, and storytelling
Animates a wide variety of subject matter from vehicles to small objects, to realistic character performances, all with a strong sense of camera animation
Able to demonstrate scene lighting that complements the shot and matches the sequence
Has good knowledge of cinematic language, camera terminology and the ability to use motion blur, depth of field and other effects, to create realism
Has the ability to clean up & accentuate mocap animation
Is team oriented and able to successfully take direction from a supervisor
Is adaptable, flexible and accepting of change, often tossing out ideas and starting anew
High consistent standard of quality and speed
Software knowledge:

Autodesk Maya
Adobe After Effects
Autodesk Motion Builder (a plus)
To apply, please send your updated reel and resume to

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