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jobby: Effects Artist, Toonbox, Toronto


Effects Artist


The Effects Artist creates (and may support) a variety of visual effects that support the story and visual style of a computer-generated feature.


  • Interpret verbal direction and visual reference to understand the story context and aesthetic objectives for visual effects.
  • Collaborate with supervisors and peers in the design, execution, and delivery of effects elements
  • Troubleshoot creative and technical issues.
  • Support integration of effects into other departments’ workflows.
  • Assist in training and supporting other artists.


  • Experience with effects simulations in features, television, or equivalent.
  • Understands procedural workflows.
  • Comfortable using Maya + Houdini. 3Delight (or Prman) and RealFlow are pluses.
  • Familiar with effects lighting, rendering, and compositing techniques.
  • A good eye for composition, motion, and other aesthetics.
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills. Able to understand and take direction and criticism.
  • Resourceful: able to troubleshoot, solve problems, and find workarounds as appropriate.
  • Modeling, surfacing, and lighting experience are pluses.
  • Programming and/or scripting skills are big pluses.

Interested candidates should submit their resumes and reels via email to

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