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jobby: Character Rigger, Awesometown Entertainment, Toronto

awesometown, logo, animation, canadaAwesometown Entertainment is seeking a Character Rigger to create character rigs for animation within established guidelines and timelines in conjunction with the development of fur and model/ rig-related tools for studio use. The Character Rigger will report to the CG Supervisor and help support the creation of 3D character rigs during the production of the studio’s feature films intended for theatrical release; and, provide and/or oversee the completion of rigs, in partnership with the Modeling Lead, for feature film production as well as other projects in development/ production per established guidelines and timelines.


  • Developing/ supporting/ testing/ refinement of prototype rigs for skeleton and control systems, skin weighting, corrective shapes, facial controls
  • Establishing studio/production folder structure and standardized naming convention in conjunction with CG Supervisor/Pipeline Architect
  • Setting up a model/ rig toolbox (such as, but not limited to, facial rig/ blendshape technique/ script development and integration) with time saving tools in tandem with TD support
  • Creating/ supporting/ assisting generic rig tools that can be used for custom face and body rigs. These will be written as needed and as the model/ rig progresses: wire deformer with controls, lattice deformer with controls (squash/stretch), cluster deformer with controls, ear/ sticky lip/ eye/ cheek/ jaw/ mouth mover/ tail rigs
  • Creating/ supporting other tools related to animating constraints, skin weight exports, blend shape tools, controls tools
  • Reviewing, developing, and/ or assessing fur/ model/ rig/ cloth simulation, setup and animation interaction
  • To troubleshoot rig-related issues as they arise over the course of production while partnering with the Director, Art Director, CG Supervisor, Asset Department Leads, and Technical Team to help ensure aesthetic goals are met in the most efficient manner
  • To supervise, support, and approve the output of the rigging team


Qualifications & Requirements:

  • Proven experience of working on more complex lead character models and rigs using commercial applications such as Maya and Renderman Very good knowledge of general lighting
  • Superior experience and knowledge of Maya Rigger
  • Minimum 3 years CG Modeling and Rigging experience
  • Advanced understanding of 3D space
  • Strong knowledge of human and quadruped anatomy
  • Strong knowledge of Maya skin weighting tools
  • Strong knowledge of Maya polygonal modeling tools
  • Working knowledge of Maya materials editing
  • Motion builder experience and scripting ability a plus
  • Some MEL scripting ability a plus
  • Knowledge of biomechanics a plus
  • Art and design background (education or work experience) an asset
  • Experience with a sculpting application (zBrush/ MudBox) a bonus

Contact Wes and Erika at

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