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jobby: PIPELINE TD (Software Developer), Atomic Cartoons, Vancouver

atomic cartoons, job board, animation jobsPIPELINE TD (Software Developer)

We are seeking a PIPELINE TD to work closely with the Head of Technology and Pipeline team. This is an excellent opportunity for a highly organized and motivated Pipeline TD who enjoys being part of an exciting and fast paced animation studio. The ideal candidate must have great asset management skills and the technical abilities to help develop and implement pipeline tools to streamline and solve digital production processes.


  • Assists the Head of Technology with all aspects of technical components
  • React to pipeline development challenges and troubleshoot solutions
  • Aids in the development of applications and creative pipeline tools and techniques to improve productivity
  • Provides weekly updates on Pipeline development status, and notifies of any upcoming production risks
  • Create and update documentation and assist with roll outs of new technology


  • ​5​+ years of experience is required
  • Well versed in Python, PyQt; *NIX operating systems, C /C++
  • Experience with Maya API, Nuke Scripting, Nuke API, RSL is an asset.
  • ​Experience with Jenkins is an asset. ​
  • Scripting experience with Adobe products is an asset
  • Knowledge of Qt, Javascript , HTML
  • ​ is an asset.​
  • Leadership and management skills with an ability to juggle multiple projects
  • Must have a strong understanding of scheduling, project management, and working under strict deadlines
  • Ability to collaborate and offer solutions with great problem solving skills
  • Experience with large-scale production pipelines, including render farm management is preferred.
  • ​Experience in software distribution and data management is preferred.​

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