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jobby: Character FX Artist – Crowds, Awesometown Entertainment,Toronto

awesometown, logo, animation, canadaCharacter FX Artist- Crowds

Job Description: Character FX artist will be responsible for creating character setup, designing crowd character behavior and integrating crowds into shots within Golaem and Maya. The ideal candidate should possess technical skills and artistic sensibilities and will work closely with CG Supervisor, animation, modeling, and rigging.


  • Set up crowd assets in conjunction with modelling and rigging
  • Breakdown behaviours into cycles for artists to animate
  • Design crowd scene behaviours
  • Prepare crowd scene asset for rendering
  • Integrate crowds into shots
  • Prepare assigned shots for presentation to Producer/Director/CG Supervisor
  • Anticipate, communicate, and ensure resolution of technical issues
  • Troubleshoot and debug shot problems
  • Escalate technical issues as required
  • Collaborate with members of other departments as necessary to ensure proper completion of shots and to ensure a smooth production
  • Remain current and up-to-date on techniques through industry research and training


Qualifications & Requirements

  • Experience using Maya
  • Experience using Golaem crowd software
  • Superior time management and prioritization skills
  • Ability to take direction and work in a team focused environment
  • Understanding of Maya’s nParticles
  • Ability to script in Mel and/or Python is a plus


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