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picturethisstudio_logo_text_positivePicture This Studio is looking for experienced CG Series Visual Development Artists

Picture This Studio – an international CG Animation studio that is part of the M2 Group – is looking for a new colleagues to help define a brand new visual style for a high performing TV Series for a big name client.

Check us out – &

Contact – Marty Knox (Head of Production)

The Position:

We require highly experienced Visual Development artists with strong drawing and/or painting skills to develop a current and edgy look for a high-end CG series. Focus would be on creating and directing concept art for Characters, Locations, Vehicles, Product Interpretation, as well as sample Mood Boards and/or color scripts.

The position is open from ASAP October 2016 – December 2016 (and possibly beyond into March 2017). There is an existing “end of November” deadline.

Main Responsibilities Include:

• Strong drawing skills in Characters, Locations, or Vehicles
• Able to set a cohesive style, then work within an established style for an entire animated “universe”
• Ability to direct other artists and work in a team
• Strong sense of color, mood, and the emotions associated with them
• Able to communicate professionally with clients, producers & directors
• Able to create a variety of styles
• Good understanding of the history and current trends of CG animation, both TV & Feature

Main Requirements:

• 5+ years of visual development experience in CG series or feature film, for western-oriented markets

• Can work remotely and communicate with multiple time zones
• Willing to travel for extended periods of time to Europe and Asia
• Bring a friendly atmosphere of collaboration and teamwork with artists, management and clients
• Able to take constructive criticism in a professional manner

We Offer:

• Paid Travel to Bangkok & Denmark when required • Accommodation during the contract period
• Any Visas or Work Permits, as required
• Careful and Intelligently planned schedules

• Payment into your local bank account

• Salaries are negotiable in person

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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