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jobby: FX TD, Cinesite VFX, Montreal

cs_fav_bloodorange_master_squareFX TD, Cinesite VFX, Montreal

Cinesite Montreal is seeking an FX TD to join our VFX team. The ideal candidate should be motivated and well-organized, with the desire to work within a fast-paced team of highly-skilled and experienced artists.

The Role:  You will be working with both proprietary and commercial tools to create a range of effects using fluids, cloth, particles, and rigid body dynamics.

We’d like to talk to you if you have the following:

  • Excellent knowledge of Maya and/or Houdini and the use of fluids, cloth, particles and/or RBDs.
  • Experience in creating photorealistic effects such as fire, smoke, destruction, clothing, water and dust.
  • Thorough understanding of simulation techniques and technologies relating to effects.
  • Good working knowledge of Renderman; experience with lighting and rendering effects (advantageous).
  • Strong problem-solving skills and an ability to trouble-shoot pipeline issues.
  • Ability to resolve shot-specific technical challenges independently.
  • Solid understanding of the requirements of other areas of visual effects, from modelling and lighting, to rigging and animation.
  • Programming skills in Mel and Python (advantageous).
  • Previous film industry experience (preferred).


Please submit your application as an online submission via our website:


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