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jobby: Technical Director, Legend 3D, Toronto

LEGEND_BLACK_PLAINTechnical Director

The Technical Director is a technical resource in the R&D Department and is responsible for providing process and project specific pipeline direction, as well aiding in testing internal and external software and tools. The Technical Director also evaluates, consolidates and optimizes VFX packages so they can be used efficiently in the L3D pipeline. The Technical Director aides establishing new workflows and contributes to the artist adoption and implementation by generating documentation and support materials.

The Technical Director is a member of the R&D Department and reports to the Supervising Technical Director. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

Technical Director Responsibilities:

  • Contributes to identifying needs and developing pipeline and workflow solutions for new projects
  • Communicating process or pipeline changes to other departments
  • Researches, tests and provides feedback on beta and alpha versions of internal and external tools, as well as off the shelf and proprietary software.
  • Generate documentation for new department protocols
  • Works with creative staff to improve or define new show specific processes and tools
  • Ensure quality assurance and high level of detail across all tasks. Identify issues/ inconsistencies and find a solution to the problem.
  • Collaborates with VFX, Depth and Comp Supervisors on show specific protocols related to VFX
  • Works with Development, reports bugs and requests features that aid in the efficiency of the pipeline
  • Researches solutions for VFX or tool problems
  • Provides Nuke, Mocha, Depth Software expertise to all departments including IO, Dev, IT, Comp, Depth, Training, and Production.
  • Support and work with multiple production departments throughout the stereo conversion pipeline
  • Troubleshoot creative and technical issues for our creative teams to keep shots moving forward.
  • Provide front-line support to artists, and general troubleshooting of project files for the stereo conversion pipeline in a fast paced, visual effects production environment.

    Required Skills and Experience:

  • Strong organization, communication, and problem solving skills
  • 2+ years in a VFX production pipeline as a TD or equivalent artist experience.
  • Strong understanding of VFX compositing: colorspace, bit depth, filetypes.
  • Proficient with artist applications such as Nuke, Mocha, After Effects
  • Familiar with Microsoft Windows & Microsoft Office
  • Experience with stereoscopic 3D
  • Great customer service

    Preferred Skills:

  • Strong Python skills
  • Advanced compositing skills, including knowledge and understanding of Deep files.
  • Experience with The Foundry Ocula
  • Experience with Maya, 3DMax, Blender
  • Experience with camera tracking software, e.g. SynthEyes, PFTrack
  • Render Farm Experience
  • Proficient with operating systems Windows , OSX, Linux


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