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Creatively build all of the elements necessary to assemble the final shot to the satisfaction of the director and producer.


  • Build all of the elements necessary to assemble the final shot to the satisfaction of the Director and Producer
  • Use of software including, but not limited to, Adobe After Effects and Photoshop
  • Fixing shots with Adobe After Effects
  • Making corrections and improving shots, based on notes by Producer and Art Director
  • Adding special effect to shots, based on notes by Producer and Art Director


  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Maintain confidentiality over all matters and proprietary information
  • Prioritize work to meet goals or deadlines
  • Ability to multi-task, work in a fast-paced production environment and manage time wisely
  • Ability to be detail-oriented, flexible/adaptable essential
  • Basic animation knowledge
  • Has a sense of style or artistry
  • Has a creative mindset and passion for arts


  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Ability to quickly learn new software applications essential
  • In-depth knowledge of Adobe After Effects pertaining to layer, mattes, camera, effects and rendering
  • Ability and aptitude for creative problem-solving in order to assemble the final shot
  • Working knowledge of Adobe Flash


  • Prioritize and manage multiple assignments simultaneously, and follow through in a timely manner
  • Troubleshoot as necessary in order to solve problems
  • Work cohesively as a member of the production team
  • Other duties as required


  • Must adhere to all Titmouse, Inc. policies and procedures
  • Must maintain courteous and cooperative manner with all staff and outside contacts, and demonstrate respect and a positive attitude toward them at all times during assigned workday
  • Must be a team player and take the initiative and be flexible in assisting others to the best of their ability to ensure accurate work product
  • Must be organized in work area, files, etc., contributing to the efficiency and accuracy of work within the assigned workday and avoiding unnecessary extra time
  • Must be able to comprehend assignments or to clearly and concisely ask for clarification until the assignment is understood
  • Must exhibit dependability by arriving and leaving work on time; by taking the allotted time for lunch and breaks; by limiting personal telephone calls and socializing to break periods
  • Must engage in conduct that enables the company to achieve its goal of providing a professional work environment and that is not disruptive to that environment
  • Must be willing to put forth best effort at all times during assigned workday
  • Must maintain confidentiality of all financial, legal and proprietary matters

If you are interested and qualified for this position, please apply directly on our website: or email to the Jessica Lau (HR Manager) at with subject: “Compositor Artist Application.” Only those qualified will be contacted.

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