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FX Artist | Ottawa

Jam Filled Ottawa is looking for a highly skilled, 2D FX Animator to set things on fire, make things explode, and zap the crap out of our exciting lineup of high-profile series’!

Job Responsibilities: (may include but are not limited to)

  • Being ultra-awesome (will accept mega-awesome and even regular awesome)
  • Create effects for assigned shots using Harmony, ensuring continuity and flow within and between shots and sequences
  • Work with Lead Effects Artist to ensure that all individually assigned Effects deliverables are completed fully and in line with production schedule and Director’s overall vision
  • Be 5 seconds more awesome than you were 3 seconds ago
  • Attend Effects reviews for assigned sequences
  • Troubleshoot and debug shot problems and escalate technical issues as required
  • Maintain a convention of file naming structures for all shots that is compatible within Jam Filled Productions pipeline
  • Remain being awesome while receiving high or low 5’s


  • You have some form of awesomeness training
  • 5+ year FX experience in a Harmony pipeline
  • Completed post-secondary education classical or 2D animation, art fundamentals, or other relevant area of study.
  • Feature film experience an asset
  • Good working knowledge of Harmony.
  • Making a decent jam sandwich
  • Background in traditional art an asset
  • Basic understanding of animation styles and techniques and the animation production pipeline as a whole
  • Good creative and technical problem solving skills
  • Breakdancing wouldn’t hurt…
  • Ability to prioritize tasks, meet tight deadlines, and perform to standard in a fast-paced environmen
  • Ability to blow up a jar of jam.

    Please submit video portfolio link and resume, with “FX Artist” in subject line, to:



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