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jobby: Rigging Artists, Stellar Creative Lab, Vancouver

Rigging Artists – All Levels

Stellar Creative Lab has just launched in Vancouver with a CG Animated feature.

We live, breathe and love animation. We are a culture that is creative, a home for your talent. We mentor and train to help you meet your goals. We hire stars – work with the best in the industry. Work with Us!


Stellar Creative Lab is looking for a Rigging Artists to join our CG Feature team at our new facility in Vancouver.


Grounded in the principles of rigging for a CG feature film, our ideal Rigging Artists will have solid experience in rigging in Maya with strong technical fundamentals in controls, deformation, constraint and dynamics. Detail oriented, you are excited to create rigging systems that allow animators to push the envelope in acting, motion and facial expressions.

What We Need:

  • Able to deliver a well-designed set of controls which provide a full range of facial expressions and body movements.
  • Excellent understanding of human and animal anatomy, musculature and movement.
  • Able to communicate clearly with other team members to solve problems quickly.
  • Experience rigging in Maya, with a focus on body and facial rigs for both humans and animals.
  • Forward thinking with an ability to plan ahead to be able to meet production deadlines.
  • Passion and drive to take rigging to the next level by looking for ways to improve the technical ability of the rigs to raise character animation and performance

Your Main Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Design, rig and skin all assets, with strong experience in animal and human set ups.
  • Work closely with design, modeling, surfacing and animation to enhance, troubleshoot or maintain rigs.
  • Attend team, departmental or production meetings and screenings as necessary.
  • Strong technical fundamentals in deformation, constraint and dynamics.
  • Self motivated, deadline and task driven to meet team and production deadlines.

Your Experience, Talents and Abilities:

  • 3+ years experience in rigging in a Maya pipeline.
  • Experience rigging a variety of assets with a strong focus on animal and human.
  • Able to plan ahead to meet production deadlines.
  • Able to communicate clearly with Rigging Supervisor and other team members.
  • Eligible to work in B.C.

Please apply at the link:

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