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Animation Director

About Us: Yeti Farm is a full-service 2D and 3D studio covering every aspect of the animation pipeline. Located in beautiful Kelowna, BC, we partner with some of the best world-class names in the industry, and have our own line up of original shows which means a wide variety of creative opportunities for you!

About the Position: We’re currently looking for an Animation Director to work collaboratively with supervisors, production and animation teams on a high-profile animated series. Managerial experience is an asset, as this position will be required to help oversee and manage a team of 2 supervisors, 2 posers, 1 FX artist and 20 animators, all working together to execute the series director’s vision.

Core Responsibilities

  • Work with the off-site series director to synthesize the series for the production team
  • Specify the client’s expectations and requirements and mobilize a production team to realize the vision
  • Aid in organizing and distributing footage to the team
  • Take part in daily meetings with supervisors to ensure the production’s progress and quality are met
  • Motivate and inspire the production team throughout the series



  • Well-versed knowledge of Toonboom Harmony
  • Strong communication skills
  • Positive leader and team oriented and minded
  • Excellent critical thinker and exceptionally detail oriented and strong quality control
  • 3 to 5 years in a similar role
  • Must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident, or have a valid Work Permit allowing you to work in-house at our studio.

Qualified applicants are encouraged to submit their resume and portfolio link to


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