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jobby: Harmony Animators, Big Jump Entertainment, Ottawa

Animators needed (Harmony)

Big Jump is looking for talented individuals to join our growing team of experts who work on awesome properties for young and old. We need animators who understand how to make characters come to life on screen through great acting, staging and timing for an upcoming series based on a popular live action comedy series.

The BIG JUMP difference:

BIG JUMP has been producing shows that range from prime-time comedies to pre-school and pride ourselves on being innovators who push the boundaries of the medium. Our casual and open-door approach allow our staff to work in a peaceful and enjoyable environment where creativity and fun are always at the forefront. We nurture talent from the ground up and encourage people to grow in their craft as well as offer the ability to move within departments if one is so inclined. Take a BIG JUMP and connect with us, be part of our ever-growing team as head into a bright and prosperous future. LEAP FORWARD!

Animator responsibilities:

  1. Will work as part of an animation team assigned to specific episodes animate the characters according to the storyboard poses.
    2.  Will structure the scenes in accordance to our technical specifications to allow a smooth transition into the IB stage.
    3.  Will help maintain footage quotas in accordance to the schedule.
    4.  Will be responsible to add the performance each scene requires, setting the tone and mood of scene as well as making it FUN.


  1. Animation experience in Harmony of Flash (at least 2 years)
    2.  Good sense of time management and proactively contribute to the team
    3.  Strong sense of acting and staging

Please email for further details. Please make sure to write HARMONY ANIMATION in your subject heading.


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