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jobby: Rigger, Clartoons, Toronto

Job Description

Clartoons Inc. is seeking a Rigger to join our 3D team. The ideal candidate must have 3+ years of overall rigging experience.




  • Build rigs, own the skinning of a variety of characters, write tools and procedural rigging systems that support animators
  • Troubleshoot and fix content and pipeline bugs as they arise.
  • Creating and refining tools and plug-ins to optimize animation and rigging workflow
  • Work collaboratively with design, layout and animation leads
  • Able to work on a fast-paced episodic television schedule
  • Establish guidelines and write process documents for art content creation.
  • Ensure work is of the highest possible quality



  • In-depth knowledge of Autodesk Maya, and strong scripting/programming skills
  • Minimum 3 years experience
  • Advanced understanding of lighting and advanced shading networks
  • knowledge of general modeling, texturing animation, and FX is a plus
  • must be a team player and perform well under tight deadlines

Please submit demo and resume, with “Rigger” in subject line, to:


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