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jobby: Character Builder/Rigger (Flash), and Scene Placement, Wuzzals, Remote/Full-time – Permanent Position

Character Builder/Rigger, and Scene Placement.

Remote/Full-time – Permanent Position.

About Us.

Wuzzals is a publisher that is passionate about creating books for children with dyslexia and ADP, so that they can learn how to read.


How We Help

We create books that teach the skill of reading that can be enjoyed by all ages. So that readers DO NOT face the social stigma of being a struggling reader.


About the Position

We’re currently looking for Builders/Riggers to join our team.

You will be responsible for building all characters in Flash, and rigging them, so they can be posed easily. Once all main characters are rigged, the remaining portion of the job will consist of setting up the shot. This includes posing each character, and importing all props and placing them in their respective places in the scene.


Responsibilities Include:

– Work will be completed under the direction of the Art Supervisor

– Character builder will create characters using Adobe Animate

– Ensure character builds are on style and on model

– Ability to work efficiently and capable of meeting deadlines

– Responsible for setting up shot, by posing the characters they have rigged, and importing existing props and backgrounds to their respective place, using existing roughs as a guide to character and object placement


Required skills & Qualifications:

– Strong portfolio exhibiting design/clean-up/building experience

– Must have a working knowledge of Flash and Photoshop

– Good understanding of rigging and deformation techniques

– Demonstrated knowledge and technical skills relating to character rigging

– Able to take direction and work collaboratively within a team

– Able to communicate professionally and positively

– Well organized with good time management skills

Apply at:

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