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jobby: Animation Director/Art Director, Reptoid Games, Toronto

Reptoid Games is an independent game studio that makes original games and experiences, from start to finish, that are fun to look at, easy to learn and deeply engaging.

We are currently hiring a few passionate humans to work on a new Augmented Reality game that features multiple 2D animated sequences.

The primary focus of this position is on leading the animation team to create dynamic, fun and cartoony animation using Toonboom Harmony, with a secondary role of overseeing Art Direction to create a unified look across the whole game. Game development experience is not a requirement, but is obviously a big asset.

Contract Length

5 months, full time (in-house preferred) with potential for follow-up work. Starting ASAP!


  • Collaborate with client to establish a unified look and feel for art assets and animation in the project
  • Communicate with Storyboard Artist to identify and troubleshoot potential animation challenges
  • Supervise and communicate with other artists on the team to provide feedback and plan work
  • Work closely with Producer and software developers to achieve deadlines and review in-game artwork.


  • Experience creating high quality cartoony animation with limited rigs
  • TV Production experience with Toonboom Harmony
  • Must be a human being
  • Experience with Location Design, Character Design or Storyboards is a big plus
  • Must be a resident of Ontario

To apply, please fill out this short application form: Reptoid Games – AD Application. You may also contact us directly at if you have any questions.

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