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jobby: 2D Animator, Jam Filled Entertainment, Ottawa

Jam Filled Ottawa is looking for highly skilled 2D Animators to work on our ridiculously SWEET lineup of high-profile series’!

Job Responsibilities (may include but are not limited to):    

  • Being ultra-awesome (will accept mega-awesome and even regular awesome)

●  Animate sequences given by the Animation Supervisor, keeping the action and movements with the style of the show, as well meeting the series quality requirements

●  Giving you neighbour solid high-5’s or at worst low 5’s

●  Work closely with Animation supervisor and apply any changes requested

●  Remain being awesome while receiving high or at worst low 5’s


●  2 years of industry experience would be preferred

●  You can make a seriously delicious jam filled sandwich

●  Ability to bring life and emotion to characters in a variety of animation styles

●  Strong knowledge of timing, weight and posing

●  Must be able to meet provided deadlines

●  Must be willing to learn, accept criticism, and have positive attitude working as a super-team (like the Super Friends!)

●  A strong working knowledge of ToonBoom Harmony is preferred

●  Be proficient in the fine art of mouse tapping

Please submit video portfolio link and resume, with “2D Animator – Ottawa” in subject line, to:

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