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jobby: Harmony Rigger, Look Mom! Productions, Toronto

Toon Boom Harmony Rigger
Where: Toronto, Ontario
Start Date: 2020-April-27

Riggers will work alongside character designers and senior artists to turn character turnarounds into animatable rigs in Toon Boom Harmony. Riggers will be expected to use provided resources, such as dummy rigs and example characters to draw elements and create rigs that our animators can understand and animate will little fuss or muss. Rigs on our current production will be moderately complicated. However most of our characters’ heads will be using the “Master Controller” feature for head turns. So a working knowledge of Master Controller rigging is essential.

What we are looking for in a Toon Boom Harmony Riggers.

•A thorough understanding of Toon Boom Harmony, the camera, drawing and node views. Knowledge of rigging related nodes such as cutter, composite and layer selector are a must. Further knowledge of effects nodes in Harmony is a huge plus.
•1+ years working on Toon Boom Harmony Rigging in a studio setting, or an impressive portfolio of personal or freelance Rigging work.
•Willingness to receive feedback on your work at all levels of completion and the ability to quickly and properly implement any notes received.
•The Toon Boom Harmony Riggers will need to work with the character designers to make sure that all character design elements are correctly represented by the rigs. Teamwork and communication are key!
•Riggers who may be able to double as character animators are a plus.
•LMP! Is looking for personally accountable individuals who are able to self-manage their time and resources to meet deadlines and quality expectations.
•Must be a resident of Ontario. a Canadian citizen or have permanent resident status.

Look Mom! Productions, a Blue Ant Media company, is a Toronto-based animation studio producing compelling, creator-driven animated content for teens and adults. Launched in 2017, the studio has several series in active development. It’s two most recent series Gary and his Demons and Bigfoot premiered on VRV and air around the world.

Please send Resume and Demo Reel to
Subject Heading: Harmony 2D FX Animator

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