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jobby: Storyboard Artist, Cartoon Conrad, Nova Scotia

Cartoon Conrad is on the look-out for some awesome storyboard artists to
work on several new and exciting productions starting this Fall.

Position: Storyboard Artist
Type: Full-Time, Fixed-Term Contract, On Site or Remotely in N.S.
Start Date: September
Location: Applicants accepted in this position must be a resident of Nova
Scotia as of December 31, 2019.


– Translate a written script into a full storyboard with all staging,
posing & acting
– Delivering story art with attention to clarity, comedy, and performance
for an entertaining new 2D animated television series
– Plan the cinematography and structure of the assigned episode; from
establishing shots through to each cut & camera move
– Collaborate with the Director and creative team to complete your assigned
boards – Being able to tell the story visually & emotionally
– An understanding of the 2D animation pipeline
– Communicate and troubleshoot any creative or technical issues with the
– Follow proper technical requirements and naming conventions
– Meet all deadlines set out by the Production Manager

Requirements and Qualifications:

– Portfolio showing aptitude for layout, character design, composition &
solid drawing skills
– Strong sense of cinematic angles, staging, and scene blocking with an
understanding of film language to visually communicate story objectives
– Basic knowledge of Storyboard Pro required
– Excellent drawing and composition skills
– Ability to work digitally, creating a thumbnail pass then follow through
to finished panels
– Professional communication skills, able to take direction and work within
a production schedule
– Must have the ability to manage one’s time and work both efficiently and
creatively under pressure
– Applicants must be a Canadian citizen and a resident of Nova Scotia.

Submission Process: We seek talent that values integrity and personal
growth within an environment of intense collaboration. If this is you,
please submit your resume and link to your online portfolio (or PDF
attachment) at:

Only candidates being considered or accepted for the position will be

Cartoon Conrad is an artist-driven animation production house in Nova
Scotia. Our focus is producing original and cinematic animated content for
episodic television, streaming services and feature films. Our commitment
has always been to create and produce outstanding animated content,
providing exceptional service and fostering a supportive and creative
environment for our employees.

We are located on a large and beautiful farmhouse property in Beaver Bank, near the city of Halifax:

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