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jobby: Storyboard Artist, Mercury Filmworks, Ottawa

Storyboard Artist

Mercury Filmworks is currently seeking experienced Storyboard Artists to join our team in Ottawa. This is an excellent opportunity to work on memorable and creative shows with over 250 of Canada’s most passionate animators, painters and directors. Help us bring to life shows like; the Emmy and Annie Award winning series Hilda, a new Netflix original series created & directed by Craig McCracken, plus other yet to be announced projects from both Netflix and Disney!

Give your career the creative spark it’s been looking for … and let’s create incredible things together!

Key Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with the Storyboard Supervisor, Director and creative team
  • Be able to tell a story visually & emotionally
  • Translate a written script into motion & acting
  • Plan the structure & cinematography; from establishing shots through to each cut & camera movement
  • Be able to break down a script & help create & use locations & props
  • Follow the production pipeline
  • Follow proper naming conventions and technical requirements
  • Meet all deadlines set out by Production Manager

Requirements and Qualifications:

  • 3 years of experience working in Animation
  • Portfolio shows aptitude for layout, character design, composition & strong drawing skills
  • Strong sense of cinematic angles, staging, and scene blocking with an understanding of film cinematography to visually communicate story objectives
  • Highly skilled using Photoshop and Storyboard Pro with Harmony as an asset
  • Ability to work digitally, from a thumbnail to finished panel
  • Professional communication skills, able to take direction and work within a production schedule
  • Must have the ability to time manage and work both efficiently and creatively under pressure

Small Print:
Mercury Filmworks places as great an emphasis on recruiting for character and fit as it does on core skills and experience. Qualified candidates that meet ALL the characteristics above are encouraged to apply regardless of where they live. All candidates must be willing to test in advance of an interview.  Mercury Filmworks is an equal opportunity employer, and by equal, we really mean equal. We have no preferences or bias beyond the professional qualifications.

Contact Information: Kimberly Leet,

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