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jobby: Shot Finaler, Jam Filled, Toronto

Shot Finaler

Jam Filled is a dynamic workplace for like-minded creative artists, we will remind you why you love cartooning: every project is produced with an eye for quality and an ear for fun!

Our Toronto Studio is looking for Shot Finalers to work closely with the Finaling Lead, to ensure all visual elements in the Sequences/Shots are technically and artistically sound.  Their responsibilities (show specific) include, cloth/hair simulation, geometry re-shaping, camera polishing and set-dressing. 

You’ll get to:

  • A Character Finaling pass is required based on show needs:
  • Removed undesirable geometric penetrations, folds and creases from rigged assets, essentially re-shape characters frame by frame when the Assets or Animation are not able to create the shapes using conventional methods.
  • Create Hair and Cloth simulation, if the project requires. Mainly using Maya’s simulation tools (nDynamics).
  • A Final Layout pass is required based on show needs: 
  • Camera Polishing, potentially even re-stage the camera
  • Set dressing to make the shots more appealing
  • Ensure continuity between shots and sequences
  • Ensure the shot is assembled in the most efficient manner
  • Investigate with other departments to ensure all production assets (characters, sets, props, matte paintings, vfx etc) are up to date, included into shots and rendering successfully
  • Prepare assigned shots for presentation to Producer/Director/CG Supervisor
  • Attend Sweatbox reviews for assigned sequences/shots
  • Anticipate, communicate, and ensure resolution of technical issues
  • Troubleshoot and debut shot problems
  • Escalate technical issues as required
  • Collaborate with members of other departments as necessary to ensure proper completion of shots and to ensure a smooth production
  • Remain current and up to date in Finaling techniques through industry research and training
  • Perform additional duties as required

This will be your JAM if you have:

  • 1 year Character Finaling and Final Layout experience in a Maya production environment 
  • Experience with Maya software preferred
  • Understanding of Maya’s nDynmanic system is a plus
  • Experience with Maya Deformers, Constraints, and Blend Shapes.
  • Thorough knowledge of Maya’s Graph Editor and connection editors (Hypergraph, Hypershade..) 
  • Ability to script in Mel and/or Python is a bonus
  • Detail oriented and technical aptitude
  • Completed post-secondary education in 3D animation or other relevant area of study
  • Solid background in traditional art with a keen artistic eye
  • Good modeling skills and a general familiarity with skeletons
  • General understanding of animation styles and techniques as well as an excellent comprehension of animation production for film and/or television
  • Great understanding of the animation production pipeline as a whole with an understanding of adjacent department workflows as well as how the Finaling Department interacts with the overall production process
  • Good creative and technical problem solving skills with the ability to check own work
  • Ability to learn quickly and comprehend custom in-house production tools
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to interact effectively with key stakeholders (i.e. other departments, production, clients, etc…)
  • Good organizational skills with a strong attention for detail
  • Demonstrated ability to work productively and willingness to take initiative in a team environment
  • Ability to prioritize tasks, meet tight deadlines, and perform to standard in a fast-paced environment
  • High level of independence and strong sense of reliability
  • Ability to balance multiple projects while retaining and encouraging a high level of enthusiasm and excellence within the team 

What’s in it for you?

  • Healthcare and dental
  • Competitive remuneration
  • Close proximity to the downtown core and public transportation
  • Various activities, team-building events and parties
  • Flexible work hours
  • Focus on work/life balance

Boat Rocker Media is committed to providing a fair and equitable work environment and encourages applications from all interested individuals across all gender and sexual identities, indigenous identity, ethno-racial identity, place of origin, age and ability.

Apply here:

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