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By Mike Valiquette

It’s on it’s way later today. We’ll keep you posted. Super Science Friends Trailer from Tinman Creative Studios on… »

SUPER SCIENCE FRIENDS Master Post- Animation update #7

By Mike Valiquette

I love this more than most things. Maybe as much as I love sandwiches. Tinman Creative Studios is a wonderful little studio in Toronto run by wonderful people. They make wonderful things. The most wonderful of those things is Super Science Friends. They refer to it as “the show that no one will ever buy”…. »

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  • 2015 TAAFI Job Fair - What do Animators get from working at Nelvana?
    The 2018 TAAFI Job Fair (http://taafi.com/) is fast approaching (May 5, 2018) and in honour of that I'm digging into my archive of all things TAAFI and posting never before seen clips!The speakers in this clip explain to conference attendees the type of animation that Nelvana makes and the work and training opportunities available for […]

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