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Own it, don’t groan it.

By Rob Anderson

A personal retrospective on what it means to be a project manager. Recently I partook in a fireside chat with a bunch of seasoned project managers from around the country. OK it was a pub but there was a fireplace. Plus lots of beer. Inevitably discussion gravitated to all the problems and heart aches that… »

Dealing with stress.

By Rob Anderson

Or: Captain I think it’s gonna blow! Over the years I have seen a lot of folks leave this industry for one reason or another. Some leave because they wanted a career change. Some were forced because they couldn’t find work in the field. Some simply got fed up. In the last 5 years or… »

Entering the metrics, by Rob Anderson

By Rob Anderson

Or: This data doesn’t look like a blonde? Knowing the stage that every element of a production is at is extremely important for a production manager. The use of digital asset management tools has become essential. You need to be careful though, it can be very easy to rely on the digital data alone to… »


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