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events: Current centre of online attention and exploiter of student labour, Digital Domain, recruiting sessions. Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal

By Mike Valiquette

If you’re following the news here or over on Cartoon Brew, or even at VFXsoldier, you’ll be familiar with American VFX shop, Digital Domain.  They state with great pride on their site that they were founded by Jim Cameron, and they’ve contributed to effects on tons of huge movies.  These guys have done tons of… »

want to read something scary? Sith Lord CEO plots to make students pay to work on movies.

By Mike Valiquette

VFX Soldier posted about this yesterday, and I’m gonna point you guys to it(here’s the link).  It’s making people angry, and we’re going to talk some more about it after you’ve read the piece. I will break it down for you lazy readers though.  Digital Domain(Florida) CEO John Textor presented a business model to a… »

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