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from the internets: NFB’s Michael Fukushima Answers Questions, and the Breadwinner is Coming to TIFF

By Mike Valiquette

Over on AWN, OIAF Creative Director Chris Robinson asks NFB Animation Executive Producer Michael Fukushima a handful of questions. Michael was good enough to answer them. And Animation Magazine, among other outlets, is reporting that Cartoon Saloon’s latest feature film, the Breadwinner, will be premiering at TIFF. The Breadwinner is directed by Nora Twomey, and… »

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  • VIDEO - TAAFI Talk: Creator Driven Shows!
    I'm very excited to announce that the Canadian Animation Blog live screened the TAAFI Talk "Creator Driven Shows" to the world on Dec 7. The talk was presented by Corus Entertainment¬†and held in their theatre screening room in downtown Toronto.This is first live stream that I've ever done! So, first off, thanks to TAAFI for […]

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