Flash Artist needed for webcomic

From Mike Drach, via Facebook

Flash artist/designer for an online comic strip.

Why? I’m creating a super-simplistic web comic. I have a bunch of scripts and most of the artwork elements ready, I just need someone to drop the talking heads into panels, pose their expressions, and dump the text into speech balloons. If you can also draw a few new elements to the style, bonus!
Category: Art, Media & Writer
Posted: 1 day ago in Toronto, ON
Description: I need someone familiar with Flash, who is able to work independently and quickly. I have a bunch of scripts and art elements to send over, and I’m hoping someone can interpret them by dumping their speech into balloons. The characters are simple, static characters who only move their mouths, so it should be a quick job (unless you want to get more creative with it, but that depends on your skill and available hours). The candidate should be highly familiar with comics theory and design; they should be able to create the proper “rhythm” to visually express my admittedly lame non-jokes. Also, be warned that the material might be considered highly offensive. While the visuals are just talking heads, the subject matter is very dark and potentially upsetting. Yet, fun!

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