Unique Flash Animation opportunity in Nepal

By Mike Valiquette

I had something come through the virtual mailsot yesterday that was really unique. Apparently Skonkworks Inc has been working on an animation training programme in Nepal for a little while now. Things are up and running at a new studio called Yeti Digital and they are looking for a few able-bodied “Flash-Specialists”, with experience in Character Animation, Directing, and Technical Direction. It’s a six month post, doesn’t pay much, nut room and board are covered, and, well… it’s in Nepal.

Kathmandu, Nepal.

That part is pretty cool.

If anyone wants more information, I can forward the document along to them.



4 Responses to “Unique Flash Animation opportunity in Nepal”

  1. Hello, to whom it may concern.

    My name is Michael McGregor. I am a 24 year old animator/illustrator/contract artist currently living in ottawa. I am in between contracts and am looking for work. I have been an animator for few studios including, mercury filmworks, and collideascope digital (halifax).

    I have animated on (recent to oldest) JImmy two shoes, toot and puddle, dex hamilton alien antimologist, speed racer next generation, (bgs) busytown mysteries, johnny test season 3, and wierd years. I am a strong animator, illustrator, perspective and anatomy.

    I am fluent in Harmony, Flash, Photoshop, word, excell, powerpoint. (most office programs)
    I am dicaplened and easy to work with. Strong leadership skills and a big smile.

    all referances available upon request.
    you may contact me at 613 816 7497

    I am very interested and would love the opportunity to prove my worth.
    thank you for your time and consideration

    all the best

  2. 613 680 7497 *** oops 🙂

  3. Steve Duchesne

    Very Interested. Would love a look at the document.



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