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Jobby: Producer, Director, Production Designer, Art Director, Rainmaker Entertainment, Vancouver

Production Designer

The Production Designer is the leader of the art and design team who develops and implements the overall vision of the film. The successful incumbent is responsible for creating an appealing and appropriate overall visual style for the film.


  • Collaborates with the Director and Producer to bring the film off the script page and into the visual realm.
  • Communicates artistic vision to entire team.
  • Writes, presents and archives the artistic guidelines for the project.
  • Recruit and mentor key talent to establish a world class art and design team.
  • Maintains visual consistency throughout production.
  • Understands the technical aspects of the project to determine the potential technical limitations that may impact the artistic input.
  • Manages the art and design team members within the time and budget requirements.
  • Works closely with the Digital Supervisor to ensure technical practicality of all designs.
  • Creates and executes art development plans.
  • Schedules and monitors art deliverables.
Job Requirements


  • Experience in film production design.
  • Prior CG experience an asset.
  • Solid technical background – good understanding of platform constraints, software tools, graphic production process expertise.
  • Demonstrable ability to motivate and direct the artistic team.
  • Access to network of talented artists to build Art & Design team from ground up.
  • Up-to-date with the latest technology and art tools applicable for the creation of CG film.
  • Thorough understanding of current 3D and 2D graphic software packages.
  • Excellent communication and problem solving abilities.
  • Has an eye for detail.
  • Good time management skills.
  • Advanced understanding of motion principles and/or technical training in areas such as computer animation or classical animation.



Overall responsibility of a Producer is to manage all aspect of the production and to ensure that the quality products are delivered on time and on budget.



  • Create a production plan including a budget and schedule for the overall production.
  • Work with writers, clients and directors to finalize the script for production.
  • Develop, document and report a production methodology that will ensure a smooth and cost effective production process.
  • Establish creative checkpoints with client/executive.
  • Cast and hire the artistic team and talent.
  • Negotiate deals with subcontracting studios and outside facilities.


  • Oversee the production staff including Production Manager, Production Coordinator(s) and Supervisors.
  • Work with the composer/music team.
  • Complete and attain approval on key production artwork, such as character designs, location designs, etc.
  • Conduct an ongoing evaluation of production output and department quotas.
  • Supervise all staff and monitor the day-to day progress of production.
  • Clearly communicate the overall production priorities to all crew members.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with all pertinent ancillary groups, including the Executive Producers, the Client, licensing and merchandising, publicity and if required distribution and international.
  • Resolve all disputes and conflicts within the production unit and all outside services.
  • Work with the director and client to view and approve all animation. Ensure that the creative goals are being met while not over-complicating the show or going over budget.
  • Oversee all script breakdowns, FX breakdowns, animation, lighting, design and modeling schedules. Create a script/show complexity assessment and priority breakdown.
  • Develop and communicate all necessary schedules and deadlines both externally and internally (online, staffing, facility)
  • Work to develop fix schedule and determine priority of fixes and re-takes.
  • Supervise the “spotting” of sound effects and music with the director and client.
  • Supervise the music recording session with the director and client.
  • Obtain approval of the content of the opening titles and end credits as well as title design.
  • Deliver the final product in the format requested by the client.
  • Ensure that all contractual deliverables are met and archived (for both the client and Corporate RNK)
  • Remain up to date within the industry and be aware of new techniques/developments that would improve the production process.
  • Budget both time and personnel to complete and trailers or promo’s required by the client.

Job Requirements

Art Director

The Art Director is responsible for the overall look, creative direction, and visual consistency of the product in conjunction with the show Producer. Leads and mentors the design team to complete the style of the show, maximize resources, and innovates e

fficiencies. Works closely with the technical director to keep informed of technical limitations.


  • Creates the Art Development Plan* in conjunction with Producers.
  • Supervises and leads the art team and monitors art deliverables; encourages input from the art team, but makes the final decision with the Producer regarding look, mood, and quality of the art assets.
  • Facilitates regular communication across departments to ensure successful implementation of designs (with Modeling, Animation, VFX).
  • Maintains documentation standards for detailed design specifications and works closely with Production support staff to facilitate client art approvals.
  • May produce art assets as required.
  • Communication of artistic vision to entire team; ability to motivate and direct the artistic team; knowledge of talented freelance artists.

*Art Development Plan = sets visual benchmarks & creative standards through inspiration boards and style guides; transfers the artistic requirements of the Production into design; identifies tasks and sets to schedule & resource; outlines workflow and processes; possibly plans the design of visual effectS .

Job Requirements


  • 5+ years of production related and industry experience, 3+ years in a similar Art Director / leadership role.
  • Excellent interpersonal communication (both written and verbal).
  • Superb leadership skills including providing feedback, coaching, and leading.
  • Demonstrable strong aesthetic and artistic abilities.
  • BA/BFA Degree in Fine Arts or Commercial Arts field.

To apply, contact the recruiter at:


  • Holds a strong creative vision and is able to lead an internal intellectual property.
  • Must have CG animation experience and a thorough knowledge of the animation process.
  • Minimum 5 or more years of animation/ industry experience.
  • Excellent interpersonal communication (both written and verbal)
  • Superb leadership skills including providing feedback, coaching, and leading.



Conceive and implement an overall creative vision for an animated CG Film. Ensure that the film is of the highest quality achievable within the budget and schedule.


  • Work with the Producer to ensure that the production is completed on time and to an appropriate qualitative level.
  • Consult with the CGI Supervisor as to the technical feasibility of elements in the script and work with them to come up with production-smart solutions that will maintain the vision of the movie.
  • Work with the storyboard team and editor to develop the story from the script stage to film.
  • Manage a team of animation directors and consult with the Senior Supervising Animator to produce the highest quality animation that the budget and schedule will allow.
  • Co-create and enforce the artistic vision of the movie throughout the whole production process.
  • Direct the post-production sound design team and music composer to ensure the sound supports and enhances the film’s creative vision.
Job Requirements



  • Experience directing CG animated film.
  • Animation experience (2D, 3D or Stop Motion) is essential.
  • Familiarity with 3D animation and the strengths and weaknesses of CGI animation is essential.
  • Experience or script writing and story editing with others is essential.
  • Deadline motivated.
  • Critical thinking skills.
  • Planning and managing skills.
  • Ability to communicate processes, plans and concepts.
  • Ability to create entertaining and persuasive messages.
  • Ability to work in team.
  • Ability to identify and manage different needs of individuals, groups, etc.
  • Influence/persuasion skills.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Detail-oriented.
  • Ability to evaluate ideas and presentation.

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