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Jobby: Main Character Animator, Ubisoft, Montreal

Purpose of Position

The incumbent will be responsible for the entire animation of the main character on one of our renowned license


Contribute to the definition of the main character’s psyche and persona

Translate the main character’s personality through its movements, using animation (Role interpretation)

Work closely with the Animation Director to define the quality standards of the main character animation.

Follow the Technical Director’s guidelines on the production pipeline, tools, file management, and gaming engine specific features.

In accordance to the game design documents, build motion trees and animation lists for the main character’s actions.

Work together with programmers and Technical Director to validate intentions on animation to produce and to understand the animation systems technical feasibility

Produce the main character’s animations, aiming for the highest quality, and conveying strong character.

Process the animation using the projects very own techniques in order to maximize playability comfort and reaction time

Integrate the main character’s animations in the engine and perform in-game check-ups to validate behavior and motion

Ensure that any modifications and/or additions to the game, software, or engine that will improve the main character animations are carried out.

Handle retakes, adjustments and modifications needed for main character animations

Ensure main character consistency. Fix any movement and character discontinuities

Manage main character related files and data

Address any animation issue for the main character, and handle its’ bugs.

Carry out all related tasks

Job Requirements

Attestation of College Studies in game-oriented 3D animation technique or any other equivalent training.

Must Have :

Main character animation experience in a AAA game

Relevant Experience:
– 5 and more years of experience in video game animation, or any other relevant experience.

Experience in acrobatic animation as well as close combat (sword fight, hand to hand…)

Other Skills:
-Attention to detail; the character’s movements are key elements of the player’s experience.
-Adaptability, suppleness, flexibility, open mind
-Open to constructive criticism
-Good collaboration with members of the animation team and other team members on the project



  1. Greg Court Greg Court September 9, 2009

    I’m an experienced character animator living in Toronto. I do fit many of your requirements and if my demo reel peaks your interest, would love to here more about this project and answer any questions you may have.

    Greg Court

    • Mike Valiquette Mike Valiquette Post author | September 9, 2009

      Hi Greg. Just check the post, there’s an email address there at Ubisoft where you can send your resume. Good luck!

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