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Jobby: Technical Director, Digital Dimension, Montreal

logoJob Description

• Establish technical processes for the production of visual effects, while respecting technical constraints.
• Elaborate the training courses required according to tools used by the artistic team
• Collaborate with TDs to enhance the production pipeline
• Develop new techniques and processes to resolve the challenges of the production of visual effects
• Inform in a precise way the processes and the procedures
• Correct the errors and assess the new tools
• Interact and communicate in an effective manner, with the administrators at the level of the project and studio
• Ensure the supervision of some members of the artistic and technical team, if necessary

Job Requirements

• Support (and Troubleshoot) in the development of the games for Maya

• Knowledge of software 2D and 3D computer graphics
• Knowledge of pipeline using 2D and 3D softwares
• Knowledge of a data protection system (ex : Perforce, VSS, TFS)
• Knowledge of Script language (Mel or Python)

Contact Person: Nathalie Joyal
Email Address:
Phone: 514 369 8001
Fax: 514 227 5153

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