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jobby: 3D artists, Design Interpretive, Ottawa

UnrealEd/Maya Artist

-Must be skilled in low-medium polygon modeling and uv-unwrapping -Should have experience building organic and inorganic models and architecture

-Able to create high-quality texture maps using Adobe Photoshop

-Must be familiar with basic rigging and weights painting in Autodesk Maya 2008

-Must be able to create environments using the Unreal 2004 Editor

-Should be familiar withbasic trigger setups in UnrealEd

-Must have excellent problem solving skills
-Must be very organized

-Experience with Virtual Worlds is an asset

-Experience with XML or HTML is an asset

-Experience with Unrealscript is an asset -Ideally has familiarity
with the Unreal 2004 Character Importing Process

The position is full-time contract, onsite in Ottawa, Canada.


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