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jobby: VFX Supervisor, Imarion Inc, Toronto

Looking for a VFX Supervisor

Starting Date: TBD

Job details: Imarion Inc. is an animation/ post-production studio looking for an experienced VFX supervisor who is dedicated, hardworking and talented to join our creative team.


-Advise and oversea all 2D and 3D operations

-Strong troubleshooting abilities to ensure all CGI animation and effect   are integrated efficiently and effectively, to provide creative solutions

-Able to balance the look and story of project with schedule, budget and technical specifications


-Supervision of all visual effects plates

-Day-to-day inter-department workflow

-Reading & Breaking down scripts

-Reviewing Storyboards

-Examining and determine quality of plates

-Determine extensive application of type of CG and/ or select physical elements in conjunction with clients needs

-Determine nature of CG effects, modeling & animation required

-Coordinating/ maintaining production schedule for 2D and 3D

-Review and approval of all CG elements at each stage of development

-Excellent communication in working together with Senior Animations Supervisor, and team of Animators

Location: Toronto, ON


Please address to Jacquie Rushlow

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