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jobby: Multiple positions, Toonbox Entertainment, Toronto

October 12, 2010

Toonbox Entertainment in Toronto is doing a bunch of hiring.  They’re looking to fill the following positions: Systems Engineers, Pipeline Engineers, Technical Directors, Lead Character Designer, Character Modeler, Rigging Supervisor, Texturing Supervisor, and Lighting/Compositing Supervisor.  Details below.

Systems Engineers

Reports to: Head of Production Technology/CG Supervisor

Position Description:

ToonBox Entertainment is looking for Systems Engineer(s) to join our CG feature animation environment. Your priciple duties will include system development and integration of software and hardware to facilitate the creation of CG films, creation of critical studio systems for daily operation, and mission critical project support and development.

Required Skills and Experience:

-Bachelor’s or Master’s in Computer Science

-Programming Expert in C/C++ or Java

-Proficient in scripting languages like Perl/Python/Javascript/Mel

-3-5 years professional work experience

-Strong communication and listening skills

-Expert in Linux system development environment

Advanced Preferences:

-Linux kernel development

-Systems integration of network systems, disk storage, and tape backup systems

-Understanding of color space and accurate color reproduction in CG

-Build and release system knowledge

-Windows Proficiency

Pipeline Engineers
Reports to: Head of Production Technology/CG Supervisor

Position Description:

ToonBox Entertainment is looking for a number of pipeline engineers to join our Toronto team with focus on the use of commercial tools like Maya, Houdini, Renderman, Shave and a Haircut, and Nuke. Our studio also relies on a customised framework of linux/windows tools to manage the work-flow our artists use every day. You will be responsible for developing and supporting that framework.

This is an opportunity to showcase your problem solving skills in a team-driven environment that is focused on creating the high end deliverables for both the small and large screens.

Required Skills and Experience:

Experience developing CG tools and libraries, as well as the improvement of current technology
-Experience improving coding practice and guidelines
-Experience developing tools used by artists in a production environment
-Experience practicing adaptive development methodologies

Excellent communication skills

Programming experience: C/C++ or other object oriented languages

Experience with svn, cvs or other revision control systems

Knowledge of tools build and deployment systems
-Scripting experience: Python or Mel

Technical Directors
Reports to: Head of Production Technology/CG Supervisor

Position Description:

ToonBox Entertainment is looking for Technical Directors to focus on the design and development of production- pipeline workflow procedures. Reponsibilities include pipeline software and process development, training, and planning as well as interaction with artists and pipeline engineers to develope new production systems. Proven experience as a production Technical Director with expertise in one or more commercial applications including: Maya, Nuke, Renderman and programming experience in Python. C++ and mel a bonus.

Applicants should be highly proficient in technical issues surrounding all aspects in Maya in particular: particles, dynamics, cloth, fluids and hair.

Required Skills and Experience:

-Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or equivalent job experience

-2+ Years of (CG) Experience, Feature Film experience preferred

-Design, prototype and implement artist-focused production solutions or tools, using Maya, Renderman, Nuke

-Experience using various scripting languages – primarily Python, Mel, Shell

-Experience in C/C++ or similar object-oriented programming language

-Experience with svn, cvs or similar revision control system

-Experience designing guis

-Ability to troubleshoot production problems as they arise and proactively work to minimize their impact

-Perform shot work and remedy issues as required during production with an understanding of priorities

-Superior time management, communication skills

-Self-motivated and able to work independently as well as with the team environment

-Flexible and adaptable to change

-Ability and interest in leading and training

Lead Character Designer

Reports to: Art Director

Position Description:

As Lead Character Designer, you spearhead the exploration of concept character art and present the visual direction of our feature film’s characters (main, secondary, and incidental), leading the way for our modeling, rigging, and surfacing teams during pre-visualisation, pre-production, and production. Duties include, but are not limited, to the following:

-Create visual direction for characters for use by asset departments via producing concept art (as well as clean orthographics – if required)

-Collect reference material

-Create expressions sheets, in partnership with Lead Animators, for use by Rigging Department

-Achieve key and iconic poses that read well, both on film and in print

-Work as a team member; revising work per Art Director’s feedback as well as providing creative input where appropriate

-Assist with troubleshooting issues, both technical and creative

-Self-manage and review one’s own schedule and notify production of any tasks that may be missing or improperly specified

Required Skills and Experience

-Possess a strong understanding of how character design works within the realm of the production’s design philosophy

-3+ years of experience designing characters for feature film or television series

-BA/BFA Degree in Fine Arts or Commercial Arts Field or other relevant area of study required

-Advanced Photoshop knowledge (3D experience is a strong asset)

-Must have strong 2D character and creature design experience

-Experience in multimedia content, film and television work is a strong asset

-Good understanding of 3D animation, including its limitations

-Ability to perform under tight deadlines

-Ability to work within a team environment and receive feedback and constructive criticism

Character Modeler

Reports to: Art Director, CG Supervisor

Position Description:

To provide finished 3D character models for feature film production within established guidelines and timelines.

Required Skills and Experience:

Proven experience of working on more complex lead character models using commercial applications such as Maya or Renderman

-3+ years CG Modeling experience

-Experience with a sculpting application (zBrush/MudBox) a bonus

Rigging Supervisor
Reports to: Art Director, CG Supervisor

Position Description:

To create character rigs and set/prop rigs specifically designed for character animation.

Required Skills and Experience:

Proven knowledge and experience of skeletal, skinning and deformation systems and the principles of character animation

Highly proficient in rigging using Maya, scripting in mel and/or python

-3+ years CG Modeling and Rigging experience with a understanding of 3D space

-Strong knowledge of human and quadruped anatomy and mechanics

-Strong knowledge of Maya skin weighting and polygonal modeling tools

-Basic knowledge of Maya materials editing

-Motion builder experience a plus

-Knowledge of biomechanics a plus

-C/C++ Maya plugin development a plus

-Strong CG Math background a plus

-Art and design background (education or work experience) preferred

-Track record leading a team, filling supervisory role

Texturing Supervisor
Reports to: Art Director, CG Supervisor

Position Description:

Establishes the look and feel of characters, props and environments for an animated film with direction from the CG Supervisor, Art Director during visual development, pre-production, and production.

-Ensures that Surfacing files are complete and ready for lighting

-Spot and flag creative and technical issues as they arise

-Communicate with other departments to convey Surfacing needs (primarily Modeling) and provide for other -departments needs (primarily Lighting)

-Maintains awareness of the broader show needs as they relate to the Surfacing Department (schedule, complexity of setups, etc.)

Required Skills and Experience:

-Minimum 5 years of high-end production experience; feature film experience an asset

-Strong painting skills and artistic eye for detail

-Detail oriented and the ability to understand the complexity of a 3D pipeline

-Familiarity with Renderman

-Familiarity with Polygonal texturing using image maps

-Strong uv-ing skills is a must

-Familiarity with construction of shaders and utilities

-Experience with hair systems

-Ability to debug complex shader networks

-Strong photoshop and 3D painting knowledge

-Experience with mudbox or zbrush

-Some experience with mel /python scripting would be an asset

-Ability to take initiative and solve problems independently as well as within a team environment

-Track record leading a team, filling supervisory role

Lighting/Compositing Supervisor

Reports to: Art Director, CG Supervisor

Position Description:

-Light and Composite shots during visual development, pre-production, and production while meeting the highest quality, aesthetically and technically

-Identify potential lighting issues with regard towards scheduled deadlines

-Troubleshoot and debug problems to ensure team meets shot quotas

-Ensure shots meet established render requirements

-Supervise file management

-Work collaboratively with other departments such as Technology, Texturing, VFX

Required Skills and Experience:

-Advanced knowledge of Maya, and Compositing (Nuke preferred), Renderman experience preferred

-5+ years experience as a Lighting Artist

-CG Feature film experience a must

-Ability to communicate creative and technical ideas

– A team player and leader, with a track record of multi-tasking and prioritize shot requirement to meet schedule

-The Lighting/Compositing Supervisor must have a complete working knowledge of the lighting process in conjunction with the compositing process. (DEPARTMENT NOTE: Once a shot has been lit , the lighting artist is required to organise the shot into various layers for render. The rendered layers must then be composited by the same artist to create the final scene.)

-Track record leading a team, filling supervisory role

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