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jobby:Technical Wizard – Sets & Characters, Pixar Canada, Vancouver

February 11, 2011
Summary of Job
The Sets & Characters department is responsible for creating the digital world (animated characters, sets and props) that is used by layout, animation, fx and lighting.

The Technical Wizard is a member of the Sets & Characters team who is especially strong technically. The Technical Wizard uses technical and artistic skills to make digital characters, sets and props like other members of the team, but the Technical Wizard will take on more responsibility for the most technically challenging parts of the process, such as:
·       configuring models with complicated variants
·       designing the hierarchical structure of sets and set dressing for an environment
·       monitoring technical quality and performance of models
·       importing models from other productions
·       upgrading and optimizing models
·       implementing dynamic level of detail control for very complex models
·       programming procedural deformations for rigging characters
·       programming procedural shaders
·       debugging asset build problems
·       scripting tools to provide new features for the team, etc.

Responsibilities include:
– Creating, revising, maintaining and supporting digital assets, responding to guidance and review notes from the director as well as creative and technical supervisors.  Digital assets must meet standards and specifications with respect to appearance and aesthetics, user interface, performance, and robustness.
– Providing technical and programming support to other Sets & Characters artists.
– Using programming skills and extensive knowledge of software internals to assist in modeling and shading
– Troubleshooting technical problems that arise in the production process, in cooperation with the Production Engineering department.
– Developing tools, scripts or plugins to assist in production.
– Supporting artists in other departments (layout, animation, fx, lighting) who make use of the digital assets.

– Degree in computer science, or related technical field.
– Must have experience in CG animation production for television, film, games or visual effects, or specific educational training in computer graphics.
– Must have experience with 3D modeling and animation systems. In-depth knowledge of Maya is an advantage.
– Must have good written and verbal communication skills.
– Must be able to work alone and collaboratively, often with multiple tasks and under deadline pressure
– Must be open to direction and able to embrace change.
– Skill in drawing, sketching, or sculpting is a plus.

Submission Process
To apply, please complete the online application, submitting your cover letter, resume and link to your reel at

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