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jobby: Multiple Positions, Arc Productions, Toronto

April 20, 2011

Arc Productions (formerly Starz Animation Toronto) is hiring for following spots:

TV series Animator, Matte Painter, Rigger, Producer (TV Series), Producer (CG Feature), Director (TV Series), Prop/Environment Designer, and more positions opening in the coming months.

See the website to apply or register a profile:

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  1. laurie laurie April 23, 2011

    This is soooo exciting to be hopefully part of such a great group of talented creatives and the corporate professionals that support the group in all. Good luck folks I am sure you will florish and if I am lucky to be invited to join..Well I would be the most gratefull person ever.
    * I applied for the Junior Charactor Finaler Artist, But am willing to do anything to show you my passion for the industry.

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