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jobby: Animator, Pixar Canada, Vancouver

October 21, 2011
About Pixar Canada
Pixar Canada is looking for an experienced Animator for its Vancouver studio. Pixar Canada is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pixar Animation Studios, the world leader in animated films. The Vancouver studio will produce short-form animation focusing on legacy Pixar characters from films such as Toy Story and Cars.  This is an to be part of a diverse and talented team.

Summary of Position
An Animator creates the motions, gestures, and expressions of three-dimensional computer graphics characters and objects.

General Duties and Responsibilities
•Receive with each assigned shot: storyboards, story reels, recorded dialogue, set layout, and direction.  The Director shows each new sequence in layout and describes what is expected for every shot at a “blocking meeting”
•Read soundtrack and plan shot
•Block in movements in rough animation and show for the Director’s approval in a daily review
•Refine and finish work for Director approval
•Attend animation dailies
•Deliver work in a timely manner

Background and Qualifications
*Minimum of 5 years professional animation experience required
•Ability to use acting skills, which bring characters to life, as well as clearly communicate simple ideas with which an audience can empathize
•Strong understanding of traditional animation principles
•Strong attention to detail
•An art background, which shows a thorough understanding of physical motion, weight, balance, texture, and form
•Proven storytelling skills
•Must have an online demo reel that demonstrates application of the principles of animation to tell a story with meaning through movement
•Ability to work collaboratively
•Must be open to direction and able to embrace change
•Degree or certificate in classical animation, film, or related field, or equivalent production animation experience

Submission Process
If you are interested in and qualified for this position, please submit your cover letter, resume, link that points us directly to your demo reel, and reel  breakdown/shotlist on our website PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL DEMO REELS.  If you don’t have a website to showcase your work, you may be able to use a free service like Dropbox.

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