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jobby: 2D Animators, Copernicus Studios, Halifax

November 30th, 2011

Animators wanted! Copernicus is looking to expand our team with some kick-ass animators to work on some exciting new projects!

Position: 2D Animator

Contract: 36 weeks

Type: Full time, on site

Start Date: December 19th

Quota: 25-29 sec/wk

Job Description:

You will work with a collaborative, team of artists to create episodes for a children’s animated series. You will be expected to interact directly with the supervising animators and produce all the animation in the scenes given. Using a combination of classical animation and symbol-animation techniques to animate all characters and props for your designated sequence.

Working from prepared model sheets, storyboards, layouts, and animatics, animators are expected to create key poses, have them reviewed and approved – then move forward to producing the final animation. All shots created will have to meet the specifications outlined in the storyboard and by the Animation Directors.


The ideal candidate will bring excellent knowledge of traditional animation principles, as well as a great attitude to the team.

Expert traditional animation skills, and basic Flash knowledge is required.

Adaptability to different styles of character design.

Able to work & communicate well in a self-motivated milestone-driven, team environment.

Submission Process:

If you are interested in and qualified for this position, please fill out the form and submit your information and link to your online demo reel to:

Your Animation Reel must demonstrate a great sense of timing, pacing, weight, acting, and character movement. If you don’t have a website to showcase your work, you may use any free service like Vimeo or Dropbox to send us a link.

For questions regarding the job – contact:

Studio Location: 1226 Hollis St., Suite 100, Halifax, NS

Info: Copernicus is an artist-driven animation production house in Nova Scotia. Our focus is producing original and cinematic animated content for television and feature films.

See samples of our work and client list here:


  1. Todd Cronin Todd Cronin December 6, 2011

    I am currently on a two week assignment animating on WORDGIRL for SOUP to Nuts… I am available on 12-21-12…Below is my resume with a link to my website…

    Todd Cronin
    4321 S. Splendor Ct.
    Gilbert Arizona 85297

    19 years experience as a traditional animator coupled with 7 years as a flash animator. Owned and
    ran a private animation studio where roles included Directing/Supervising Animator, Production Coordinator, managing 5-6 artists as well as client liaison. Responsible for productions of entire episodes of television shows including The Proud Family and Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law. Expert in traditional and flash animation as well as Character Design and Development. 2D animation highlights include: Space Jam, Little Mermaid 2, Pocahontas 2, TV Funhouse ( Saturday Night Live) and Curious George. Flash animation highlights include: Mr. Men Show, Skunk Fu, and El’Tigre.

    Professional Experience:

    May 2011- August 2011 Renegade Animation: Freelance Flash Animator
    animate scenes for “ Little Angels” DVD

    October 2010- present Digital Madhouse Game Studios – Scottsdale
    Lead Animator
    Design/animate characters and User create user interface for
    Facebook games and IOS/ Handheld devices.
    Lead Character Designer- XENO WORLD
    Lead Character Designer- Redesigning characters for THE BURBS
    Lead Writer- THE BURBS- plot redirection- missions.

    October 2009- S.O.E : Sony Online Entertainment- Tucson
    May 2010 Create 2D assets in Photoshop for Facebook Game: “The Agency”
    Pixel Animation – Monsters for online game

    Jan 2009- Sept. 2009 Renegade Animation: Freelance Flash Animator
    “The Mr. Men Show- Season 2”

    April 2008-July 2008 IAC/Mindspark: Flash Animator/Character Designer
    “ My Fun Cards”

    Aug. 2007- Dec. 2007 Renegade Animation: Freelance Flash Animator
    “The Mr. Men Show”

    May 2007- August 2007 6 Point Harness Animation: Flash Animator
    “Slacker Cats”
    “El Tigre”

    March 2007- Aug.2007 Fat Kat Animation (CANADA): Freelance Flash Animator
    “Skunk Fu”

    April 2005-Feb.2007 Fat Cat Animation (USA) Tempe, AZ : Animator
    “Rindin the Puffer” – Rough character animation
    “Curious George” – Rough animation, clean up, efx clean up

    July 1999- March 2005 Big Fish Animation and Illustration: Columbus, OH
    Owner/Directing Animator

    Clients work include:

    “Maxim Ranger”Webisodes – J.J.Sedelmaier Productions & Maxim
    magazine: supervised/coordinated all animation, and BG layout, rough
    animation, clean up, Ink & Paint

    “Fat Albert” – Fat Cat Animation Studios
    efx animation and clean up

    “Spy Kids: Anti-Gravity Agenda” – Finite Monkey
    Flash animator
    “Oxygen Presents series” – J. J. Sedelmaier Productions &
    The Oxygen Channel
    Flash Animation

    “Go-Bots” commercials- 10 sec spots- J.J. Sedelmaier Productions
    & Uproar
    Ruff Animation and clean up

    “The Proud Family- Puff’s Magic Adventure” – Anvil Studios/Hyperion/
    Disney Channel
    responsible for 95 % of all rough animation

    “Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law” Pilot episode
    J.J. Sedelmaier Productions & Cartoon Network
    responsible for 90% of all animation and clean up

    “ 8 Crazy Nights” – Anvil Studios/ Sony Animation
    Ruff animation and clean up

    “ Joseph: King of Dreams”- Bardel Animation/Dreamworks
    EFX animation and clean up

    “Little Dogs on the Prairie” – Startoonz
    Ruff animation

    May 1992- July 1999 Character Builders – Columbus, OH
    Animation, clean up, EFX

    Credits include: Space Jam, Anastasia, Joseph: King of Dreams, Little Mermaid 2,
    Pocahontas 2, Christmas Belle, Bebe’s Kids and Balto

    Education: Cleveland Institute of Art – Cleveland, OH
    1988-1989 Illustration Major

    Columbus College of Art and Design- Columbus, OH
    1989-1991 Illustration Major/ sculpting minor

    Software: Flash CS 5, Photoshop CS 5, Maya

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